Tails of a Gymrat

…losing my (cottage) cheese

Monday, March 31


1- steak, potato, beans, salsa burrito –500 calories

1- 44 ounce diet dr. pepper – 0 calories


1- lean pockets – 280 calories


1- bag of popcorn- 100 calories


1- slim fast optima shake- 249 calories

Total for the day- 1129


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to my first post. I recently began my weight-loss journey by joining an all-ladies gym on January 22, 2008. Here I will chronicle my progress and let you know what does and doesn’t work for me. So far I’ve endured nearly three weeks of workouts. The gym is open Mon-Sat and so far I’ve gone every day except for Monday and obviously Sunday because they are closed. So far my energy level has risen quite a bit and I’ve lost about 4 pounds. I am 33 years old, 5’8 and my starting weight was 218. My current goal weight is 150 lbs but I could be happy with 160 or so. Wish me luck on my journey! I will begin posting progress pics as soon as I can.

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